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As a parent of a teenager, I felt comfortable knowing my daughter had the proper road training. I highly recommend this school.

- Tom, Whitby -

Accurate driving school was overall a good experience. I learned a lot in the in-class sessions as well as the in-car lessons. Having to do ten hours on the road is helpful because you get taught a lot of driving skills and it also prepares you for the driving test. If I wouldn't have taken the lessons, I wouldn't have felt as prepared for the test. The instructors teach you everything you need to know that will be on the test so there are no surprises and it makes the test a lot easier. I would definitely recommend taking Accurate driving school as it was very helpful

Page Murphy -

After having an extremely negative experience with a reputable driving school that cost almost triple what I paid with Accurate, I am extremely impressed with the professional driving instruction from Accurate Driving Instructors. The instructors are calm, educational professionals who ensured that I was well prepared for both my G2 and G road tests, both of which I passed on the 1st attempt successfully. Thank you Accurate for your amazing service and preparation in helping me attain my G license and a special thanks to Sam and Haji. I highly recommend Accurate Driving School

Nancy Fuentes -

Accurate Driving School was a great place to learn the skills of the road. Being in my late twenties I though the class would be filled with teenagers and catered to that audience but there was a mixture of ages in the class which was refreshing. The in class was very easy to understand and follow along. Haji made the in class enjoyable you actually look forward to attending. Haji was honest with the skills you portray driving and focuses on the key aspect of driving while helping students understand defensive driving as well. Highly recommend Accurate Driving School to anyone!

Diana C. – 28 years old Whitby, ON -

Accurate Driving School is an excellent establishment, the classes are straightforward and interesting enough to hold your attention; the lessons are stress free, always lasting the full 60 minutes. My driving instructor, Haji, was very pleasant to drive with; I never felt anxious while driving. I passed the G2 test on my first try, and was confident going into it that I knew everything that I needed to know. I had a great time at Accurate, and would highly recommend it!

Mattea, age 16 -

We would like to thank Accurate Driving School and Haji for helping our kids both get their driving licenses over the past few years. We registered our oldest child for the in-class portion of her driving lessons in November 2013, followed by in-car lessons with Haji. In August 2014 she took her G2 test and passed. In September 2015 she got her G license. Leading up to her G test she took several in-car lessons with Haji to prepare her for the highway-driving test. When it came time for our son to take his driving lessons we signed him up, right after his 16th birthday in September 2015 for the in-class lessons. We requested Haji to be his instructor for the in-car lessons. Last week June 2, 2016 he took his road test, at the Oshawa Testing Centre, and passed the G2 driving test. Our kids confidently passed all of their driving tests on the first try. We are thankful that both kids have learned to be safe drivers thanks to Haji and Accurate Driving School. Both kids commented on how kind and patient Haji was as an instructor. Having Haji take the kids for a lesson just before the test and use his car for the test helped them feel confident on test day. We have recommended Accurate Driving School to our friends with kids, and will continue to do so. We know we will be in touch with Haji again, to help our son get ready for his final G test next spring.

Howard and Sara Kim -

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